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We offer in-person One-on-One sessions, Phone sessions, and online video sessions. We make access to help available and convenient for you.

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Why Choose Minhance Wellness

Minhance wellness focuses on providing affordable online and offline holistic services for the wellbeing of the mind, body and soul. We are a one stop destination for consultations with a life coach, psychologist (Clinical), wellness coach, reiki healing and the famous Bach flower remedy . Our Experts are on top of the current mental health concerns and review the overall well being of an individual. Listening to the client and helping the client understand their issues on a deeper level to identify the root cause of the problem is our primary goal. We then help the client find solutions to address their concerns. We handhold the client with patience and empathy while they take small steps towards applying the remedial measures. Our experts are well versed in different modalities . They will assist the client with tools that the client is comfortable with to implement suitable coping strategies for their concerns.

Clients Testimonials

The sessions and techniques provided by Namratha helped me organize myself and brought confidence and self respect back. She is extremely helpful in helping me find solutions to various problems I have faced. She is a great listener and very understanding person. Namratha helped me with coping strategies to get me through difficult time. Looking back on it now I do not know how I would have got to where I am now without her support.

- Rashmi Udeshi

Namratha is an excellent life coach. She is very patient while listening and addresses all your issues on a deeper level. She has a very structured approach and all her sessions are quite amusing and enlightening in a unique way. She helps you discover your true self through her self discovery program. I am very happy to do this program and highly recommend it to each one of you. I wish you all the best :)

- Prachi Naig