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Art Therapy


Minhance Art Therapy Workshop

Express Evaluate and heal with Art

Super easy ways to manage your expectations with our emotional art therapy workshop

This course is filled with fun activities that you can use to learn how to manage your feelings, express emotions and control your expectations.

Learn how to use art to manage your emotions at our new online 5 week workshop every Sunday from 11 p.m. to 12 p.m.

Good to add one line that says, you dont have to be an Artist to take Art therapy(people like me always think, oh i am not an artist, so this is not for me)

If you are someone going through any of these…

  • You feel frustrated with daily life stress, relationship problems, or career worries
  • Are your emotions blocking you from being happy and healthy?
  • Do you ever have trouble managing your emotions?

Thanks to our workshop, "Emotional Art Therapy", you will learn to gain more control over your emotional Expectations.

Disclaimer : Art therapy is about self-exploration and healing and not about making “good” art; therefore, NO prior experience or skill in art is required in order to successfully engage in art therapy

As you learn to create the art, we will guide you through self-reflection and encourage self-awareness about your feelings. This process allows you to recognize and identify your feelings, sit with and absorb them, and eventually develop new insight based on observing what you felt.

Learn easy and fun ways to find more emotional freedom in your life by understanding your emotions and gaining more control over your expectations.

Why you should try art therapy

  • You don’t have to be an artist or have any prior experience at art or creativity
  • Art therapy is capable of promoting self-expression, feelings, and emotions.
  • It has an ability to facilitate positive perspectives on one’s life.
  • It is capable of promoting a sense of personal independence, self-reliance, and self-sufficiency.
  • Therapy instills constructive techniques to self-manage.
  • It encourages the development of healthy coping strategies.
  • Art therapy is capable of exploring, managing, and providing insight into traumatic experiences.
  • Therapy empowers and gives a voice to those receiving therapy.
  • You don’t need complicated or expensive equipment /materials to try art therapy. Just any coloring medium (paints/color pencils/ sketch pens) and paper (detailed list will be given in the mail).

Clients Testimonials

Hi, I'm Nandini and I had a great time in the art therapy workshop conducted by Minhance. I didn’t know that my painting will speak so much about how I am feeling and it gave me the time to relax and to learn more about my own emotional side. It was a great class.

-Nandini Dwarak

I think an art therapy workshop is the best way to express the emotions I'm feeling without having to feel conscious. I am trying to be more assertive with my family, but it's hard for me to speak up about what I feel, and when I try to, people don't listen. Namratha’s warm and calm demeanour in guiding us in the workshop helped me manage these feelings and learn some ways for getting myself heard and become more tough. Thank you Namratha and team Minhance

-Sahasra Ganesh

I would highly recommend Art therapy workshop conducted by Namratha. Anyone who is looking for a new way to express themselves and feels like they have something they want to let go off without talking about it. Namratha helps us with the process and it gave me the comfort to open up and express while I also had the satisfaction and joy of making something beautiful with my own two hands.

-Pooja Agarwal

I went to the Minhance Art Therapy workshop hosted by Coach Namratha , and had a great time! I was nervous at first because I don't have any prior experience in art, but the ease at which Namratha guided us through the process I slowly let go of my inhibitions and I feel like an artist who has found a creative way to express my emotions especially my anger :) Thank you Namratha for a great session! Whoever is reading this must try it.

-Nethra Raghuram

I came to this workshop to find a way to manage my emotions, and I left with so much more. The best thing about it was that it was hands on and interactive, which made me feel like I learned a lot about myself. I would recommend this workshop for anyone who wants a better understanding of themselves.

-Janani G


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