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Corporate Wellness Program

Employers are uniquely positioned to support employees in managing stress, building resiliency, and connecting them with needed services and support.

Employees are showing the highest incidence of distress associated with depression and anxiety, especially during the post covid era. We at Minhance have specialized programs for creating awareness about anxiety, managing stress, and how to handle working from home along with household responsibilities.

The focus on mental health and emotional wellness deserves special attention especially now during the post-COVID times with the growing levels of mental health concerns considering the costs associated with Productivity loss, absenteeism, job abandonment, and other issues directly linked to poor mental health.

Employers with mental health benefits are at a significant advantage over those who do not supply such benefits in that they are likely to have lower incidents of job burnout, loss of productivity, and performance issues.

Minhance corporate wellness Packages are customized to cater to:

  • Employee Mental health & wellbeing
  • Anxiety and how to Overcome Anxiety
  • Managing the stress of working from home
  • Mind and productivity
  • Time Management
  • Employee wellness Retreat
  • Outbound Training

Outbound Training

Outbound Training is a training and facilitation methodology used to enhance the effectiveness and performance of employees through the use of Experiential Learning Activities and Games and Adult Learning Principles.

The approach is based on the outward-bound method of group development through outdoor and wilderness learning expeditions that focus on tackling challenging scenarios in the outdoors that involve problem-solving, decision-making, communications, and risk-taking, where participants develop the ability to adapt, grow and succeed as teams.